• Janice provides private piano lessons only. They are usually conducted at a 30 minute session. Should Ms. Janice feel a longer lesson time needed, she makes that recommendation at the appropriate time.
  • Piano lessons are given on a continuous basis throughout the year, with the exception of major holidays. Piano lessons are not given, nor are tuition monies required, for New Year’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, or Thanksgiving—although class is conducted on the day prior to and following major holidays.

Since continuity during the learning process is so very important, students also need to be aware that instruction continues through the summer months. With enough advance notice, students can easily reschedule their lessons from those days that surround vacations or major holidays if they desire.


Ms. Janice conducts lessons on a tuition-type of payment arrangement. Therefore, credits are not given for missed lessons. Lessons missed may always be made up unless the absence is a “no call, no show.” This includes absences for illness, inclement weather, sports events, personal vacation, or other similar reasons.

Makeup lessons are provided at a time that will convenience both student and instructor. Although it is prudent to schedule a makeup class as soon as possible, there is no time constraint involved.

Tuition rates are discussed upon an initial inquiry about lessons.


Scheduling piano lessons is a collaborative effort between instructor and student/parent. A 30 minute time-slot is chosen for each student that will be his or hers one time each week. Although Janice conducts private lessons only, she often instructs several children within a family. Many times, she schedules siblings for back-to-back sessions.

NEW! Virtual Lessons

Are you interested in beginning your piano education with one-on-one instruction digitally? Contact Janice today to set up a lesson plan and schedule to receive individualized, live lessons virtually! Virtual piano lessons are a great way to start or continue your musical education from the comfort of your own home.


  • A piano or keyboard with all 88 keys. It is essential for students to be able to practice to reinforce and learn what they have gleaned from lessons.
  • This instrument must have weighted keys so the action of the keys is not organ-like. It is very easy to transition from the piano to the organ, but quite a formidable task to move from the organ to the piano successfully.
  • Students are required to secure their own piano lesson materials. You may order them online or purchase them in-person at your local music store. Needed are the following:

    1.  John Thompson’s Teaching Little Fingers to Play

    2.  John W. Schaum’s Pre A book

    3.  An 8 ½ X 11-inch spiral notebook

Janice selects materials initially, as having students study from two comparable books provides the best foundation on which to build. These materials tend toward the Classical vein as it is her feeling that it is from Classical music that the best technique is derived. As students progress, they may add materials of their own choosing from any genre of music they wish.

Piano Lessons for Students of All Levels & Abilities

Seeking instruction for your first grader? Or are you an adult looking for a new creative outlet?
Ms. Janice will work with you to improve your musical ability on the piano or keyboard.

Piano Lessons for Students of All Levels & Abilities